Friday, July 02, 2010

TOUR DIARY- Ivory Coast 7.01.10

We Made it!!
First, they greeted us @ the airport w/ flowers 
Then, they to took us to customs...
Next, we hit the Morning show a la Côte d'Ivoire 

The sun set + we got a taste of the nightlife.


Thomasa said...

Its great that you guys connect with your fans this way. We love seeing pics. Keep em comin and keep up the great work :))

Anonymous said...

awww. you guys look so beautiful! when do u come back home to NYC?

Nic- i still need to come through when you dj, you're officially my favorite dj! <<3 been listening to all your mixes non-stop 24/7. can't wait for your new mixtape for Made Me :D

Anonymous said...

You two look REALLY pretty and I love both of your necklaces!I hope to be like you both when I get older!LOVE YOU,
Very tiny sky!

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