Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photo Recap : Our House Pride + MadeMe Summer Launch

Sunday night was a blast!! Spent most of it on the dance floor but here are a few pics we caught w/ our digi-cam. Check. em. out.


Lezbehonest808 said...

awww. looks like it was a dope ass party. still uber sad face that i missed it. u guys look beautiful as always!

nicole- love your sleeve thus far, looks like you wanna finish that arm up, huh? sexy mama.

p.s. can't wait to see what the mademe line for the fall looks like, i'm sure it's gonna be fierce. your girl has mad skillz.

congrats ladies! can't wait for the new album- keep releasing fire joints. u guys are my fav! <3

Jazzy said...

How did I miss this? Next time. count me in :(

Alcides said...

We look great! Thanks for putting up the pics. I also have pics of you guys with us from Sunday, they're on my FB page (Alcides Marte).

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