Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Music "Only You (Take Me Away)" ft. Kidz in the Hall

Here's "Only You (Take me Away)"- the third and final single before we release our entire EP Tuesday, August 3rd. We collaborated on this joint  w/ Double 0 and Naledge of Kidz in the Hall. The final result, a smooth little dance ditty w/ a mix of R + B.

Check it out!

Click HERE to download ... Listen below!

 5. ONLY YOU (Take Me Away) ft. Kidz in the Hall by NI**SKY

Click the photo below for "The Other Side" + "You Aint Got it"


Lee Wilson said...

This by far is my favorite of the releases. I love the energy and the vocals sound crazy. I love all 3 records but this one has a special place. Good work sigue pa'lante Boricuas!!

Anonymous said...

wow all three singles are freakin awsome...i love them...all ur songs have a great flow and awsome lyrics..cant wait till the ep comes out..mucho love =)

Anonymous said...

This song is so beautiful

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