Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tour Diary: Vienna 5.10

Oh Vienna, why did you have to rain every single day and night we were in your beautiful city? It only left us one day to get to know you. It was short and it was sweet. We promise to come again soon but please invite the sun next time, it will make the visit more enjoyable for all of us.

Two more days 'til NYC and we can't wait. Home Sweet Home for 5 days and then we head to Paris for the weekend!


Michael "Senhor Blues" Schroll said...

I was there in the Aux Gazelles, love you girls and your music, Michael

Paul said...

It would be great if you came to Germany once, I love your music but Vienna or Zagreb is too far away =)

Nini said...

When are you playing in Paris? I would love to see you guys firing up Paris!

Diana said...

Pleaaaase come back sooon girls, I love youuuuuuu so much! =)))

Brenda said...

you gals are hawt!!!


I'd love to do an entry on my blog about your style :)

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