Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OBSESSED: Toms Gold Glitters

Say hello to my new friends! Can't wait to rock 'em. I've been obsessed w/ glitter skippies for a while. It all started w/ a black pair I'd throw on instead of stilletos to get my "dressy" on.. AND NOW, THESE:



Anonymous said...

Yuck, Where would you where those?

Natasa said...

:) com' on... whatever Nat wears it looks cool...But just on her! :))) Sorry on my English... Love ya girlz!!! Fan4Life! ! ! <3

NayNay78 said...

ummm i need those in my life. flats are always my 1st choice bc of comfort bt these are gold and hot! make any outfit POP! :) pls tell me where did you get these?

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