Friday, January 08, 2010

Crocodile Lounge, NYC 2009


istanny said...


Anonymous said...

U girls r the legit triple threats of NYC!!!

I dig ur funky-ass looks and hope y'all can come thru to DMI!!

Deejay at our clubs Dolce and Boom Boom Room with ur reggaethon!!!

Peace out.

(Marcus Brooks) Jaie2009 (Hershey Red)

Tanya said...

lol you girls crack me up i like the serious eyebrow raise nicole is doing lol

Anonymous said...

aww you guys are great! where can i get Starting Today?! i'm from germany so it could be hard to get it ):
just repeat that: "ALPHA KENNY BODY" say that loud and fast. if you don't know that. please (:
puhahaha it's fcukin' awesome

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