Friday, January 08, 2010

Max Brenner's Chocolate Pizza

Yesterday while watching my new favorite tv show The Best Thing I Ever Ate on The Food Network, I was introduced to Max Brenner's Chocolate Pizza.

I love chocolate and I love pizza but I never could've prepared myself for this...

Chocolate Chunks, Marshmallows, Bananas and Hazlenut Crunch on a BIG pizza dough.


Haven't tried it yet, but I'll take the risk of a severe stomach ache for an entire pie to myself.

You can check out more of Max Brenner' s chocolate creations HERE

Or visit his 14st/Union Square location in NYC and make sure to pick me up a pie while you're there!


Natasa said...

Is that safe? :)))

Leila said...

wowow how the heck do you guys eat so much but stay sooo slim? jels.

shin said...

man, that looks scrumptious..hahah.

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