Monday, February 22, 2010

Be My Baby- Live Performance

On Valentine's day we posted a download w/ our cover of The Ronettes' classic "Be My Baby" .

Here's a video of us performing it during a show we did at SOB's!

Music Monday

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam : "Let the Beat Hit 'em"

..Let the music take control

Friday, February 19, 2010


DRAGULATE yourself :

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We made You a card, and it SINGS too.
Click the picture  for a special V-day download.

xo Nat & Nic

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Night- Club Onyx SpringField, Ma

Set it off I suggest ya'll...
Emagee x Nasky
Spotted - Made Me leggings @ the spot.
Didn't get that many pics but the night was Dope. We'll be setting it off @ Onyx monthly so If you missed out on this one, stay Tuned for the March edition. Word is, it might be around our bday.. Which means  we might have to act a little foolish. lol

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day- Schmalentines day:

Had a discussion with some friends the other night about the best + worst gifts they've ever recieved on Valentines Day (@ the end of the day, ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS, So don't get me wrong ANY GIFT IS DOPE! ) BUT I figured I'd share the Worst/ Best gifts we came up with:

A Vacuum Cleaner/ House Hold Appliances
It's a day of  Love.. Not a reminder  that your girl needs to cook, clean +  take care of the house. 

Thigh Master
Nothing says I Love You .. Like a Thigh Master. UNLESS YOUR GIRL ASKS FOR IT-  Don't get her excercise equiptment or gym memberships.. EVER. You don't want her to think you're unhappy with her body.

Sexy Undies

Leave the Lingerie buying to her... It ends up being a gift for you anyway. 

BEST Valentines Gifts-

- Dinner : Who doesn't love food? The points Quadruple if you cook the dinner yourself.

- Hand made gifts-  A personal touch always makes the gift mean more. (Poems, Cards)

- That something she's been hinting at- lol, If she's hinting to it.. YOU CAN NEVER LOSE just getting it for her. Fuck it. Give in, and you will have one happy muchacha.


- Chocolates + Flowers:  Although it may seem a little Cliche, IT IS A VALENTINES DAY STAPLE.

Whatever you get your Special Somebody, make it heartfelt + Meaningful. Its not about spending the most money, and getting the most extravagent's  about showing the person  how much you care about them AND... that can be achieved with a simple "I love you." Take Notes!


Add to the List!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nina Sky Cam 1/31/10: Part 1 NOH8 Shoot

Here's how we got down last week  at the NOH8 shoot in NYC.
After  a short 15 minutes in front of the camera, we sped to the studio to hibernate for the rest of the night.

Part two coming soon.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Music Monday

V-Day Special...

Evelyn Champagne King : I'm in Love

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nina Sky x TheFreshFiends

So, you think you know everything about us?

This week we chopped it up with our girl La for It was a really fun interview. We talked  music, tramp stamps, midget stalkers, The Food Network and lots more.

Click the picture below to check it out and tell La we sent ya!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Music Monday

 OG Mariah to start the week right..

Our Favorite Restaurant- PIO PIO

We've been frequenting this Peruvian restaurant since we were kids. SERIOUSLY, we're known to  use any excuse possible from birthdays, dinner meetings, family gatherings, date nights,  and time with the ladies to hit up PIO PIO. Though the menu is limited, you can never go wrong ordering the MATADOR combo which includes all the good stuff:  a whole chicken, rice +beans, tostones, maduros, ensalada de aguacate (avocado salad) and salchipapa (french fries w/sausage).


Here are some pics to tickle your taste buds :

More Info/ Locations-