Sunday, February 14, 2010


We made You a card, and it SINGS too.
Click the picture  for a special V-day download.

xo Nat & Nic


Marissa said...

I Love you guys!

Chito said...

Well Damn! Ya Killed It

Anonymous said...

YES I WILL!!! lol ;]

Vanesa said...

That was very beautiful and thoughtful of you ladies. :) Thanks for being sweethearts! I love ya Nina Sky.

Anonymous said...

Niiiice, who was on the keys?
p.s Get over to the UK!! (gonna keep sayin' it til' u do...)
Matt x

Anonymous said...

Niiice - good choice...
P.S Come to the UK! (gonna keep sayin it til you do!)
Matt, UK
P.P.S I went on a blind date the other day. Couldn't see a thing.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah ;)

Natasha said...

WOW! ! ! I don't know what to say! B E A UTIFUL!!!

Zack said...

amazing song!!!!!

thank u girls for making this day so much better with ur special song!!!!

i love you nicole & natalie <3

Alcides said...

I love you guys!
Come out with the 2nd album already =)
From your fan Andariego (NYC)

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